Wednesday, December 22, 2010


The next port was Corinto, Nicaragua. Luke, Sulongteh, Matt Vaughn, myself and some other friends ventured into the port to find a bank, we spoke to some locals about good places to eat and were pointed toward a spot called “Espigon”. They were said to have the best lobster in the country. Without hesitation we took a bike taxi to the beach. After avoiding hagglers, curb workers, and the like we arrived at Espigon and ate freshly caught lobster and shrimp. Many people complained about the speed of the service but I gently reminded that not only were we not in a hurry but not to expect the same kind of service we receive in the states. After a few cervezas and 2 hours of waiting and an amazing meal we spoke to some locals about things they enjoyed doing. The group of us paraded through the back streets of Corinto speaking and playing with children. It was a wondrous site to see my Morehouse brothers traveling with me and experiencing the world. I really enjoyed the bonding that happened with the people of Nicaragua and with my brethren.

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  1. my hometown im planing on going back next month and is nice to see your comments about corinto is not the big luxurious and fancy restaurants like you will find in san francisco where i call home now but is a very special place in its own way the people makes corinto a place thats not easy to forget and the long wait for dinner was probably because they had to go and catch some of the things the costumers order lol im not kidding you it was probably the reason why the long wait anyways is beautiful to read that people such as yourself enjoyed my place of birth thank you and i hope you go back soon the first week of may they have a seafood festival you really should check out and the first week of April they have a big celebration as well is really hot for this months but is great to see all this celebrations xmas is a good time as well thank you once again god bless you