Thursday, January 28, 2010

Aloha Hawai'i

Checking in from the beautiful American Island of Hawaii. This beautiful liberated treasure is rich in culture, chiefly because those with indigenous root retain their identity. Wiki the Wocaca bill and see what I’m speaking of. Yesterday, we spent the majority of the day at the beautiful black sand beaches of Hilo. After driving about an hour and a half into the island we arrived to the tail of a winding road, in the landscape sat large grassy plateau and rugged mountains and volcanic lava structure seemingly a mile high. The exclusivity of the black sand beaches was among topic of conversation. Turtles, crabs and wild dogs gave the beach life in addition to the beach bum families who we saw crafting hats out of coconut tree leaves and smoking marijuana on the piers in celebration of Bob Marley’s birthday. We ate at a local favorite, Verna, where we had Teriyaki burgers. Partying in Hilo was a blast we made Shooters live. Now we are in Honolulu and will be making stints on North Shore, pearl harbor, the Polynesian Cultural center and all the must see spots. O yea and passport pages are on deck #shoutout to the Honolulu Passport Agency.

After a great trip to Pearl Harbor and a aerial good time we are now headed to japan